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Joining (temp)
RokuXion - rebellion
hakumei_kouu wrote in count2days358
I wanted to throw this on here really quick, though I'll have something more 'proper' once I figure out the whole poll thing. XD;

If you want to join, please post your username and what you're most experienced in. (art, graphics, writing, etc. you can say all of them or just one.) If, for example, art wins, then I'll comment on whomever has posted on here with "art" as their expertise and say link to the actual voting post. Same with the other options. However, if it's just a big free-for-all, I'll comment on EVERYONE's comment.

The poll will end in about a week and I'll keep registeration open for a week. Then THE FUN STARTS! :D

Also: if you'd like to help out with this, PLEASEEEEEE let me know. I think I would need one person to help me direct or complete (or whatever the word is) this whole thing.

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