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About countdown...
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I wanted to get at least 10 people to join for this to be even considered a countdown... Definitely haven't reached that quota. XD; So, if a few more people join, then I'll make this a big countdown. However, if nobody else joins... then I'm going to turn this into an icon/graphics countdown with a wallpaper and possibly an artwork posted when the game comes out. All of the graphics and such'll be done by me, rather than this being a big countdown with some people joining in it.

If you want this to be a countdown like I originally had in mind, please join! I'll leave the registration open until 31st instead, but be forewarned that you'll have to finish art and such a lot quicker because of it. If nobody elses joins by then, then I'll do my own countdown.

And, if you did register, THANK YEW. XD; I haven't mentioned that yet and I feel bad for not doing that... I'm INCREDIBLY thankful that anyone has actually joined, so thank you very much if you joined! :) I reallyreally appreciate it!

Registration / How to Register
Sora - Sweet Smile
Time for registration! :D And guess which option wonnnn? Because this won't be just an art countdown, there'll be a little bit of a different approach to the whole thing than the art countdown I started for ReCoM.

If you want to join the countdown, please comment with the following:
- Your online name
- Email address
- Website URL (optional)
- Preferred media (art, writing, graphics; please only put one!)
- Secondary choice of media
- Are you willing to fill-in if someone can't complete their piece?

It will be first-come, first-serve, and there will be about 29 slots open. [more or less, depending on how many people want to join] I'm going to try to do a whole countdown for the whole month, even if I have to fill in stuff with icons I make.

All comments are screened (except for questions that other people may ask) and the registration will end on...

AUGUST 19TH, 12PM [EDT] / 9AM [PST]! (or whenever all of the spots are filled :D)

[ if you need to help figuring out what time that is in other time zones, take a look at this: ]

Artwork ;
  • An artwork that focuses on character(s) that appear in 358/2 Days. (Original KH characters, Square-Enix characters [...if any? D:], and Disney characters) ARTWORK MUST NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS. (posting art with spoilers [or even mentioning them anywhere on this journal] will result in being banned from this community and your art not being posted.)
  • Your image MUST be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format only.
  • Your artwork can be any size, as long as it's no smaller than 300 pixels and no larger than 600 pixels. Depending on your preference, it can be horizontal, vertical, or square.
  • Oekakis are allowed!
  • Your artwork must include text mentioning the number of days left in the countdown. Try and incorporate the text in your artwork; be creative!

Prose/Poetry ;
  • Must include characters that appear in 358/2 Days. Can be AU. IT CAN NOT INCLUDE SPOILERS. It can not include original characters.
  • Can be between 500 and 1,000 words. 1,000 words is the maximum.
  • Your drabble or poetry will be posted on this page and also, if you have a link when you've posted it elsewhere, be linked to your own post.
  • The writing MUST incorporate or mention the number of days left in the countdown. Be creative with how you incorporate it!

Graphics ;
  • "Graphics", in this countdown, would be considered icons or banners. You can submit up to 5 icons, one banner, or one wallpaper. (if you think you can do more icons, let me know in your registration comment! just don't go overboard with it, though.)
  • The graphics should include any characters that appear in 358/2 Days. DO NOT USE ANY SPOILERS. (in stock or in text)
  • Banners should be a maximum of 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels long.
  • Wallpapers should be a maximum of 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels long.
  • If you chose to submit graphics, you will be credited and a link will be posted to either your graphics community or your post on your journal featuring these graphics. Others will have to credit you and not this community for the graphics.

Other ;
  • At the end of the countdown, in celebration of the Days' NA release, I will put together a post (if I get stuff for it) of any art or photos for Days' release. However, if I don't get anything, it's fine! I'll just post up a wallpaper instead. :D
Please note that you do NOT have to submit your artwork when you register! All deadlines for submitting art will be different, depending on the countdown day.

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Joining (temp)
RokuXion - rebellion
I wanted to throw this on here really quick, though I'll have something more 'proper' once I figure out the whole poll thing. XD;

If you want to join, please post your username and what you're most experienced in. (art, graphics, writing, etc. you can say all of them or just one.) If, for example, art wins, then I'll comment on whomever has posted on here with "art" as their expertise and say link to the actual voting post. Same with the other options. However, if it's just a big free-for-all, I'll comment on EVERYONE's comment.

The poll will end in about a week and I'll keep registeration open for a week. Then THE FUN STARTS! :D

Also: if you'd like to help out with this, PLEASEEEEEE let me know. I think I would need one person to help me direct or complete (or whatever the word is) this whole thing.

Sora - Sweet Smile
Y HALO THAR D: Or hi. Or something. Uh. Yeahhhhhhhh.

I know this is way too far in advance, but I'm trying to be as prepared as possible before this countdown starts. XD; Just as a precautionary measure, I guess? I don't want it to turn all crazy and discombobulated!

For the moment, this is just going to start with a poll. I'm going to work on putting up all of the rules and such, while the poll is going on. I would greatly appreciate it if you voted in this, as it will decide the overall outcome of what happens in the countdown. Thanks if you vote! :D

Which countdown would be the most interesting?

An art countdown
A countdown with new graphics/icons everyday
A mix of new fanart, drabbles, and icons/graphics posted everyday

About the 'mix' of everything... It's exactly what it says: a new fanart, drabble, or icon everyday. It'll be in a pattern, though, and there won't (hopefully!) be more of one thing over another.
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